New pocket format product: Quelitas Snacks

This month Quely launches its new range of Quelitas Snacks on the market: new flavours in a new pocket format package.

This month Quely launches its new range of Quelitas Snacks on the market: new flavours in a new pocket format package. Quely is a company in constant evolution that is continually adapting to the markets and to consumer demands. Our R + D department has been working on the suggestions of our clients and analysing new markets. Due to the aforementioned, it has decided to develop a healthy snack in a new pocket format of 70 g. We will enter the snacks market with 11 different flavours, with the goal of reaching the maximum number of consumers:

  • Classic Quelitas Snacks: As artisans for over 150 years we prepare these crackers with our traditional recipe.
  • Wholemeal Quelitas Snacks: Delicious and crunchy crackers made with olive oil and natural ingredients containing a high fibre content.
  • Sesame Quelitas Snacks: Prepared with whole wheat flour and sesame seeds, perfect for any occasion and moment of the day.
  • Sunflower Seed Quelitas Snacks: Made especially for those who love seeds, the sunflower seeds contribute to our product all the properties of this delicious ingredient.
  • Mediterranean Quelitas Snacks: Emphasising the authentic flavour of the Mediterranean diet and its more typical ingredients such as tomato, garlic, oregano...
  • Olive Quelitas Snacks: They are not only made with olive oil, but within the ingredients it includes the best selection of black olives, accentuating the intensity of the olive oil.
  • Curry Madrás Quelitas Snacks: We have selected a quality curry so that those who love this spice can savour it intensely.
  • Spicy Quelitas Snacks: The flavour intensity of these Quelitas will satisfy the most exacting tastes.
  • Cheese Quelitas Snacks: Simply delicious, we have selected the cheeses that can accentuate their flavour together with our Quelitas.
  • Cor Quelitas Snacks: Healthy, with natural antioxidants originating from grape seeds. Protects the cells and the tissues.
  • Onion Quelitas Snacks: Delicious crunchy crackers with the best selection of white onions.

Why are Quelitas Snacks healthier than other snacks on the market? According to the World Health Organisation, 50% of the total daily calories should be obtained from carbohydrates. The carbohydrates present in wheat flour make Quely products the ideal supplement for a healthy diet. Furthermore, the entire range of Quelitas Snacks is prepared with olive oil, maximising the Mediterranean diet.

New packaging. For the packaging of the new product we have opted for materials with excellent barrier properties and low permeability to oxygen. It is used to package food, preserving the same from humidity and aggressive odours. Additionally, it allows us to package our products in a protected environment that helps preserve the same for a longer time.

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