Winners' News - The Eat Quely Game

All the winners of the Eat Quely Game are delighted with their holidays.

This year at Quely we wanted to bring happiness and smiles to our customers, something which is always good every once in a while! We set our minds to thinking about how to do this, and after weighing up various options, at Quely we decided: what better way to make someone happy than to give them a holiday or a stay in a hotel? It was from this idea that the Eat Quely Game was born, and the search for a company that also wanted to make people happy, such as Viajes Iberia.

There were thousands of participants in the “Eat Quely Game”, each one hoping to go on holiday this year thanks to their beloved quelis or quelitas.

We would have loved it if everyone could have enjoyed the holidays and hotels that Viajes Iberia organised for the winners: Riviera Maya, Punta Cana, Tenerife, Lisbon... But as always, in the end it was impossible to take everyone and only a lucky few were the winners. Here are some photos of the winners, who are going to enjoy some fantastic holidays.

Further news

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