The new Quely Tapas

Quely Tapas, a new design for our classic Tapas crackers.

Convinced of the quality of our products, we have developed a new, less expensive packaging, which will allow for more people to be able to have the chance to buy our premium Tapas.

Their flavour, texture and size are ideal for you to use our Quely Tapas as the ideal base cracker for both your aperitifs and starters. They go well with either savoury foods: cheese, cold cuts, fish, sauces or sweet foods : chocolate, jam, fruit and creams. From the simplest to the most sophisticated dish, Quely Tapas are the perfect base for you to enjoy miniature cuisine and the tastiest recipes with one single bite!

Quely Tapas can be plain or whole wheat and are sold in 200 gram packs.

Further news

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