"Native Animals from the Balearic Islands" Promotion

Discover the 30 animals you'll find in milk chocolate Quely Meriendas and white chocolate Quely Meriendas.

Inside each packet of Quely Meriendas, you'll find a card from the "Native Animals from the Balearic Islands" collection. The "Native Animals from the Balearic Islands" promotion has been running since last November, in which you can find out about 30 strange animals native to the Balearic Islands, with photographs and an explanatory text. Now, with this collecting sheet, you can keep track of the cards you’re missing so you can get the complete collection. Share them with your friends and swap any doubles you may have. The more there are of you, the more opportunities there’ll be to get the cards you don’t yet have.

Check which cards you are missing

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