Gabriel Coll, Managing Director of Quely: “Crises always favour opportunities for entrepreneurs”

The Association of Young Entrepreneurs of the Balearic Islands visited the biscuit factory in Inca together with the Managing Director of the company, Gabriel Coll, and Lluís Maicas, Adviser and Director of Communication for Quely.

Recently Quely received a large group of young entrepreneurs from the Balearic Islands to visit the installations of the factory and learn about the keys to its success, on the occasion of the luncheon/round-table discussion, organised by the Association of Young Entrepreneurs of the Balearic Islands.

The meeting, held at the Quely installations, was attended by the Managing Director of the company, Gabriel Coll, and the Adviser and Director of Communication, Lluís Maicas, who explained to the visitors how this local family business works.

During the business encounter, Gabriel Coll gave a summary of the history of Quely, whose origin goes back to the middle of the nineteenth century and was linked to the demand of the shipping companies for a nutritious and long-lasting food product, essential for surviving their long voyages.

The Managing Director of Quely insisted that the key to the success of the company from was not a result of coincidence. “All companies, in order to get somewhere need two basic ingredients: effort and luck. You should also take into consideration that we have a unique product, which we have managed to establish by adapting to the changing times”, assured Coll.

Lluís Maicas also stressed the importance of knowing how to adapt, not only to the changing times, but also to customers. “It's not always easy to convey to them that you have a unique product. And at Quely, besides managing to achieve the goal of people consuming it, but that they also integrate it into their life.

For this, Coll as well as Maicas coincided in pointing out that the fire that devastated the factory in 1993 was key. “The terrible fire that devastated the factory awakened close ties between the Majorcan society and Quely that encouraged the company to work on reconstructing the factory, which was achieved in only three months.

“Crises always favour opportunities for entrepreneurs and after the fire, Quely recovered with a renewed spirit and a desire for self-improvement”, explained Gabriel Coll.

The continuous evolution of the company has caused Quely to grow and expand internationally, as well as become a product with which Majorcans can identify. This is demonstrated by a study comimissioned by the company which found that 9 out of 10 Majorcan homes consume a Quely product.

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