Combinations of flavours on the quelitas base

Bartomeu Quetglas, Managing Director of Quely, speaking to the Diario de Mallorca (a local newspaper) about the combinations of flavours on the quelitas base, a cracker with tradition.

Quely biscuits are the most famous biscuits in the Balearics and were originally created as a bread substitute for Palma shipowners. How does seeing the market presence your product has achieved make you feel?

We feel immensely satisfied and proud to see a product we have been producing for over 150 years, still following the founders' traditional methods, be so well received in such diverse markets located so far away from our own.

What is it that makes the flavour of your biscuits so popular with everyone's tastes?

The secret of our products is very simple: great care in their production, the highest quality raw materials, and the knowledge of generations that is passed down to us and we have the duty to pass on.

There is a strong tradition of eating Quely biscuits in Mallorca and an example of this are the many gastronomic combinations that are eaten in every home: sobrassada, cheese, jam... even banana. What is your favourite combination?

My favourite combination is the simplest and perhaps the oldest: some Quelis with a few drops of olive oil and a drop of vinegar, although combining them with sobrassada, cheese, pâté or any other ingredient is always outstanding. Even so, our consumers still send us suggestions for new combinations that never fail to surprise us.

What range of Quely products is available today?

We have a broad range of products and formats, from the most traditional regular or wholegrain Quelis and Quelitas to the more recent Quely Palitos or Quelis Cor. Every consumer will find something in our range that meets their requirements and suits their tastes.

Every year you usually take part in the DIARIO de MALLORCA Balearic Products promotion. What are the benefits?

Our involvement in the promotion allows us to reach Diario de Mallorca readers and inform them about our new products. It's a very efficient way of letting a large number of consumers try new products we have developed.

What product will you be offering our readers this year?

This year your readers and Quely consumers will be able to try an innovative product. It's a functional food, developed in collaboration with the University Institute of Health Science Research (IUNICS), and is produced with polyphenols extracted from grape seeds which provide many health benefits to the consumer.

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