Alimentaria 2016 (international food and drinks exhibition)

Quely is present at Spain’s most important food fair

Once again, Quely is present at Spain’s most important food fair. So, taking advantage of this important event, we have developed new products to launch on to the market. The three new products we are presenting areaimed at different market niches, each onedesigned to meet the needs of its target public:

  • Quelitas with sunflower seeds 150 g: Quelitas can be defined as a special kind of crispbread that has traditionally been consumed inMajorca for more than 160 years. Quelitas have also become a perfect food to nibble between meals as they are sprinkled with salt and sunflower seeds. Sunflower seeds give us omega-6 acid, an essential nutrient that cannot be manufactured bythe body.Quelitascon Pipas also have an intense flavour and a texture that makes them unique in the market.


  • Quely Merienda with sticks of Espuña ‘fuet’ sausage: Expanding the range of our famous milk chocolate Quely Merienda and white chocolateQuely Merienda, we now present a new savoury snack, a delicious,practical,afternoon or morning snack to take to school, to the office or on days out. In this case, a friendly character, Quelito, presents the product, appearingon the packaging, on the product display box and in the collection of tattoos included in each packet of Quely Meriendas.


  • Breadsticks with Chia: Quely already has a range of delicious breadsticks, and intends to carry on growing in the snack market; extending our range, meeting new market demands and following new food trends, Quely has developed a new product: Palitos con Chía. Thebenefits of thisseed are many: an excellent source of fibre and antioxidants, calcium, iron, protein and omega 3 fatty acids.

We have decorated our exhibition stand with the presentation of Quelito, a funny character who from now on will accompany Quelita and Tomeu, and who will become their little pet.


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