Aceite de Oliva Virgen Extra Estancia de Son Pons

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Ingredients: Extra virgin Olive Oil.

Allergens: -

Best before: 24 months

EAN-13: 8411145710259 / 8411145700038

Weight: 250 / 500

Units per box: 12 / 12

Measurements Box cm (Height x Width x Depth)  24cm x 20,5cm x 16cm / 29cm x 25,3cm x 19,5cm

Net Weight box ml: 3.000ml / 6.000

Gross Weight box g: 6000g / 11,000g

Boxes per pallet: 135 / 72

Measurements Palet (Height x Width x Depth):  171cm x 80cm x 120cm 

Net Weight palet Kg: 5400Kg / 432Kg


Gross Weight palet Kg: 810Kg / 817,9Kg

  • Energy3700kJ / 900Kcal
  • Total fat100
  • Saturated Fat13
  • Monounsaturated79
  • Polyunsaturated8

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